Want to know more about our epic game zones?

London after the Apocalypse You have survived the apocalypse, now comes a new challenge… With a massive double-decker bus stationed in the middle of the zone, it is up to you and your small band of soldiers to protect the few remaining ‘uninfected’ humans. The rugged terrain, phone boxes, abandoned bus stops and train stations [read more..]

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What to wear to a day of paintball?

It’s a question everyone hates to ask, but I get it. You’re about to spend your day commando-rolling, running, and dodging paint bullets, and the last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable. You need to focus on beating the enemy, not your pants! I’ve got you covered! Here’s a basic list of what [read more..]

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Paintball 101: the lingo

Paintball is a pretty awesome game. The combo of friends and real life strategy games make for a pretty epic day out, but it sucks when it’s your first time and you’re not prepared. I’ve put together a little lingo-list that will help you understand everything paintball related, in under five minutes! Paintballs Okay, this [read more..]

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