Calgary Paintball

The Strathmore-based Center has made a distinctive professional brand of the sport easily accessible to the larger Calgary area. For paintballers in this region of Alberta, the well-thought-out playing grounds are made to improve the game-playing experience for each player.

Other organizations cannot equal the quality of paintball offered by our highly skilled crew, first-rate client amenities, and expertly crafted game zone props and structures made by craftsmen. All players are given first-rate equipment, and our marshals personally assist those who are new to the sport, fostering an environment that is ideal for both seasoned and rookie players.

Take part in a prison break, command the attacks during the D-Day landings, or fight the swarm of zombies. All this and more. 


Minimum age 7+ years



Directions to centre

Range Rd 250, Strathmore, AB T4X 0K8, Canada