Want to know more about our epic game zones?

London after the Apocalypse

You have survived the apocalypse, now comes a new challenge… With a massive double-decker bus stationed in the middle of the zone, it is up to you and your small band of soldiers to protect the few remaining ‘uninfected’ humans.

The rugged terrain, phone boxes, abandoned bus stops and train stations are all hurdles to your success; however with the correct strategy you will be able to defeat those who are out to get you. There’s no time for sightseeing as you’ll need to be on red alert at all times.

This game zone is one of our most popular, due to the huge double decker bus that sits in the middle of it!

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is the signature scenario of Delta Force centres worldwide! Over 5 million players have been entertained at Delta Force centres spanning across 4 continents and this is the zone they all want to play again and again. Giant sphinxes surround the huge pyramid and protect the ancient idol that lies deep beneath its surface. For years, treasure hunters and archaeologists alike have been attempting to retrieve the artefact but all have succumbed to the dangers of the area. Can you capture the ancient artefacts before they fall into the wrong hands? Get into the tomb, secure the artefact and use the giant Sphinxes as cover to escape with the idol.

Complete this mission and you will go down in paintball folklore as a legend.


This is the quintessential paintball experience. It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s all about total annihilation! Your team has been ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves, as a terrorist attack is imminent. The city is in lockdown and it is up to you to restore order back to the area. You’ll need to come up with a strategy to diffuse the attack before it’s too late.

Your team has been ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves, as a terrorist attack is imminent. The city is in lockdown and it is up to you to restore order back to the area. You’ll need to come up with a strategy to diffuse the attack before it’s too late.

The mission is simple… get in and out as quick as possible and do whatever it takes to stabilise the situation.

Checkpoint Charlie

You have received information that two of your comrades have been shot down. They are safe but injured, and to make matters worse they are behind enemy lines. You and your team must rescue them immediately as they have highly classified information and are in grave danger. Your mission is to successfully navigate through the harsh landscape, locate them and get everyone back safely through Checkpoint Charlie. But beware; the enemy will be hot on your heels.

Will you return safely with the highly classified information, or will your team perish in the attempt?

Resident Evil

In the depths of the jungle lies a well-known crypt. Many stories have been told of the dangers to those who enter, including the most famous tale about the lurking zombies who protect the crypt. But fear not, you have the equipment and the expertise to get the job done. Use the giant tombstones and coffins that are scattered throughout the terrain as cover if you have to.

Can you achieve the ‘impossible’ and retrieve the ancient artefacts, or will you and your team of treasure hunters succumb to the dangers of the area and perish in the jungle?

Gold Rush


Specs of gold have been found in a nearby town, leading to a rush of digging. The tension is rising with the increasing population at the goldfield and violence has spread in an attempt to drive the unwanted diggers out. You, the local constable, need to act quickly to stop the uprising of the mob. Can you and the local police prevent the riots?

Tropic Thunder

Enter the prison war camp if you dare. Thinking you’ve been sent to Southeast Asia to make a Vietnam War film, you find yourself lost in the jungle along with your movie-star friends. When one of you gets caught and sent to the war camp, it is up to the rest of you to forge a plan to free your friend and escape the jungle once and for all.

Complete with guard-towers, perimeter fencing and barbed wire, this will not be a straightforward mission. With no help from the outside world, you will need to use all of your skills and determination to escape the local-warring villagers.

This may look like a movie-set but the dangers are real.

Dodge City


The year is 1883 – Corruption and greed has plagued this Wild West town since the booming cattle trade times of the Great Western Cattle Trail. The Dodge City Gang have dominated the law enforcement and whiskey trade of the town, although the locals have had enough. You and your sharp-shooting allies have been rounded up to oust the gang and hand back control to the mayor. Get your pistols out and confront the gang – yee haa!

The Fort


A giant fortress dominates a clearing in the jungle, and it’s crawling with enemy forces. Your mission is to carry out a “Halo-Insertion”. That’s SAS-talk for dropping one of your team members in with an explosive device to take-out the enemy base. This highly skilled move requires perfect execution otherwise you and your team will be in grave danger. Are you brave enough to accept the mission?

The Wild West

Yee Haa! Get your cowboy boots on as this is going to be one wild ride. The outlaws have stormed the town and are causing havoc stealing from local businesses. The sheriff has called in for backup, as he needs help in disarming the bandits. You and your friends are the sharpest shooting cowboys in the West. When you arrive the town is deserted. You see the saloon doors open and survey the situation. Can you overpower the bandits and become heroes of the town?

The Wall

It’s 1944 and you have been dropped into a remote area in an attempt to capture a key town. You are in the thick of it, waiting in the dense forest for the signal to attack. You get the nod to move forward. You and your team of commandos need to navigate your way through the town wall without attracting attention from the enemy. This town must be captured to halt all enemy movement. Your mission is to take-out the enemy and hold the town until reinforcements arrive.

Black Hawk Down

As you and your unit move through the jungle, deep into hostile territory, you hear an explosion overhead – an allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed just up ahead. Miraculously, the crew have survived and activated their distress signal. Your mission is to move your unit quickly through the jungle towards the downed helicopter, rescue the injured crew and escort them to safety before the enemy take them in for ‘questioning’.

Escape from Guantanamo Bay

This military prison is about to transition from a controlled military facility into absolute chaos. The detainees are organising an uprising and the marines need to rally to keep the feared terrorist leader from escaping and returning to his homeland. Can you maintain order or will the forces of evil overwhelm your defences?

Jungle Attack

Jungle Attack is a top secret base that controls the western world military communications. Intelligence has reported that a terrorist sleeper cell has been identified as having the coordinates to this installation and is planning its destruction. Can you and your team of highly trained operatives keep the installation protected or will the terrorists succeed in throwing the militaries of the western world into communication darkness?

Behind Enemy Lines

Hidden in dense bush land, 7 feet in the air, dangles an unconscious pilot. He hangs helplessly after ejecting from his doomed aircraft – In his pocket is the secret film of an illegal weapons facility. Your mission is to find the pilot, remove him from his suspended parachute and get him back to the Landing Zone (LZ). Beware of the approaching enemy.