4 Locations

Canada has firmly established itself as a premier destination for paintball enthusiasts, earning the admiration of an impressive 906,844 players who have reveled in the thrill of the game across the nation.


New Zealand

1 Location

New Zealand shines as a top destination for paintball enthusiasts, celebrated by a vibrant community of 334,557 players who are drawn to the country’s stunning landscapes and exhilarating gameplay.


United Kingdom

18 Locations

The United Kingdom boasts a vibrant paintball scene, celebrated by over 4.6 million enthusiasts. Across its scenic landscapes lie 18 cutting-edge paintball centers, strategically situated to welcome players from every corner of the country.



6 locations

Australia has emerged as a haven for paintball enthusiasts, earning accolades from a staggering 1,036,788 players and counting. Our nation’s landscape is dotted with paintball centres, conveniently located to offer you an unforgettable day of excitement without any fuss.